Little Girl Sounds BIG Alarm

2200 dead Americans

from routine anesthesia
over medication

20-30 million people
exposed yearly to routine
anesthesia over medication
MISSION: Educate Americans about
the PUBLIC HEALTH RISK of Too Much anesthesia
the value of direct Brain Activity Monitors to avoid this risk
the need to support research demonstrating the negative effects of too much anesthesia

Your brain under anesthesia

20th century
Heart rate & blood pressure changes – inaccurate
Too much’ anesthesia given routinely for fear
of ‘too little’
Educated guessing

21st century
DIRECT measurement
Brain activity accurate,
not perfect
‘Just right’ anesthesia. Custom fitted, not
‘one size fits most’
Measuring is better
than guessing
The DIFFERENCE is obvious – the CHOICE is yours

Be your own patient safety advocate

Ask for a direct Brain Activity Monitor with your anesthesia
Download the Free Checklist Here
Disclaimer: Dr. Friedberg is not financially involved with any maker of brain activity monitors